Viking Refrigerator Repair In Santa Barbara

Viking Refrigerator Repair In Santa Barbara

viking refrigerator repair in santa barbaraWhen you are looking for an appliance as useful as a refrigerator, you want to be sure that you’re getting the best you can find in the market. But how can you be sure that you’ve gotten a top quality fridge guaranteed to serve you efficiently for a long time? Well, the surest way is by buying from a top brand. Through the years, the Viking brand has carved a strong reputation for producing well designed products that consistently function at the highest level for a long time. It’s the reason Viking appliances are currently among the most sought after in the market.

Once you’ve invested in a Viking refrigerator, you can count on it to run efficiently for years. Rarely do refrigerators from the brand exhibit some of the common issues prevalent with fridges from other manufacturers. This, however, is not to say that your Viking fridge is totally immune to occasional defects throughout its lifetime. After all, all appliances experience wear and tear with continuous use and aging. 

So what do you do when your trusty Viking refrigerator malfunctions? Given that the appliance is an object of sophistication and quality, you need to have a reputable appliance repair service handle it. You can reach out to us at Santa Barbara Viking Repair to help you out. We guarantee to send a crew of world class technicians to your doorstep to restore your appliance to perfect working order in not time.

Top Repair Issues Your Viking Refrigerator May Have

Fridges from different brands occasionally experience different electrical and mechanical defects, and you can expect the same with your Viking fridge.  Some of the top defects we see while in the field include:

  • The refrigerator does not come on
  • The appliance does not heat evenly
  • Your fridge produces bad odors
  • There’s water leakage from your refrigerator
  • You notice frost buildup in fridge
  • The fridge does not cool adequately
  • There are weird sounds coming from your fridge
  • The appliance has broken trays or shelves
  • The ice or water in your fridges accessory units tastes funny

There are certainly many other defects that your Viking fridge may have, but these are the commonest. What you need to do once you suspect that your appliance has a problem is take prompt action. Defects in your fridge have a tendency of worsening when not dealt with promptly, and you may just end up spending a lot more money on repair and replacements than you’d have done had you acted promptly. Besides, the moment your refrigerator stops cooling, it’s only a matter of time before your food supplies start going stale. Give us a call at Santa Barbara Viking Repair to get the issue resolved right away.

We Stick By You from the Start

When you reach out to Santa Barbara Viking Repair, you are assured of a repair service provider who walks closely with your from the very beginning to make sure that all your needs are satisfied. For decades, we have consistently brought lasting repair and maintenance solutions to the doorsteps of our clients throughout the region. We have a team of vastly experienced technicians capable of handling all kinds of repair issues in your Viking appliances. Every one of technicians is well certified and fully insured. That’s why you can be sure that your Viking refrigerator is in the best hands.

When you contact us, a friendly customer care representative carefully notes down your details and schedules a service visit at your earliest convenience. Our service crew always arrives on time, so you never need to worry about waiting too long. We know that your refrigerator can malfunction any time without warning, so we make sure we are available 24 hours a day, all year round. We are available on holidays too.

When we come to your home for service, we make sure that we have all the tools and replacement parts we’re going to need for the job in our truck. That’s because we want to make sure that the entire task is completed in just one visit. We only use genuine Viking replacement parts. Our technicians usually start by assessing your fridge keenly so as to make an accurate diagnosis of the problem. They’ll also provide you with a free, all-inclusive estimate for the repair costs so you can see what you are paying for from the outset. You’ll find that our rates are very pocket friendly. If you give our technicians the go-ahead to do the repair, they’ll get started right away and before long, your fridge is working perfectly once again. We always make sure we’ve cleaned up the space before leaving.

Viking Refrigerator Maintenance Service

We take pride in providing repair service of the highest caliber, but we want to make sure that the problem does not arise again soon, or ever. That’s why we also provide superior maintenance service guaranteed to keep your Viking fridge running perfectly all year round. With topnotch maintenance program, you never need to worry about the frequent repair issues that can prove so costly.

Choose Local Service You Can Count On

Santa Barbara Viking Repair is a local company that cares a lot about their clients. We make sure that every service we provide is personalized to suit the exact appliance repair or maintenance needs of our clients. We value your business, so we go out of our way to give you the best deal possible. And since we are near you, you can count on us to show up at a moment’s notice when you need us. To make sure that your money is put into proper use, we’re always looking for ways to give back to the community. This way, everyone benefits.

Residential and Commercial Service

From the beginning, Santa Barbara Viking Repair has played a leading role in providing both residential and commercial appliances to households and business establishments throughout Santa Barbara and its environs. Whether you want us to show up at your home and fix your fridge or have a large commercial refrigeration system in your business, you can count on us to provide the best service there is to be found in the industry. 

Contact Us Today

If your Viking refrigerator no longer cools, is leaking, makes too much noise or has some other defect, don’t hesitate to call us today to help you out. With our extensive experience in the industry, you can be sure that we’ll get your appliance working perfectly once again. We are available both online and on the phone. To contact us online, click this link. If you’d like to talk to a live customer care representative, you can use this toll free number.

Don’t let your malfunctioning fridge slow you down. Give us a call today!

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