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Refrigerator Repair

Given how valuable your refrigerator is, it’s the last appliance you want to malfunction…


Over the last few years, our nation has gone through some pretty tough economic times. Many families have been affected by these times…


Your kitchen may have many different appliances, but none can be considered more important than your oven. This appliance…

Washers & Dryers

Your washer is, without a doubt, one of the most essential appliances in your home. Regardless of whether you live alone or with…


If you’re like most people in Santa Barbara, you run your dishwasher at east at least once every day. In big households…

Ice Maker

Before ice makers became commonplace, people relied on trays in their freezers to make ice. Nowadays, people…

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    We Offer Round-the-clock Emergency Repair Service
    We Genuine Manufacturer-Approved Replacement Parts
    We Provide Same Day Service
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    The moment one of your Viking appliances has a defect, you need a repair service provider with the necessary equipment, training and experience to restore it to perfect working condition. That’s were Santa Barbara Viking Repair comes in. We have a solid team of vastly experienced and properly certified appliance repair technicians capable of handling a wide array of defects on your appliances. Our crew can service all Viking brand products, from Designer to Professional kitchen appliances. Whether you use Viking Designer or Professional refrigeration, cookware, dishwashing or waste disposal products, you can always be sure that we’ve got your back. Since Viking appliances are synonymous with top quality and cutting edge craftsmanship, it’s best to choose a repair and maintenance company that guarantees top notch service to keep them running optimally for as long as possible. Santa Barbara Viking Repair is that company!

    viking appliance repairWe take pride in providing service that exceeds your high expectations. We know that a problem in your appliance can be quite inconveniencing, so we move quickly to assist you once we receive your call. If your issue is an emergency, we’ll dispatch our very best team to your doorstep at your earliest convenience. We know that your time and convenience are vital, so we do whatever it takes to get any problem under control within the shortest time possible. Our same day service comes at no extra cost. If you’d like to make an appointment for routine maintenance of your Viking Appliance, you’ll find our flexible scheduling perfect for your needs. We’re determined to be your go-to appliance repair service for both your household and business needs.

    Every American household invests a significant amount of money on appliances, which is why it’s important to take care of these valuable investments so they remain in good condition through the years. Viking appliances will rarely give you problems, given their superior design. Provided you are servicing a Viking appliance routinely, you can count on it to perform at the highest level for a long time. But you still need to be on the lookout for any signs of trouble that could attack your appliance so you can address it before it escalates. After all, all appliances occasionally become defective as a result of user error, wear and tear.

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    Here Are Some Common Appliance Repair Issues You May Have to Deal With

    Depending on the Viking appliance in question, you may occasionally need to deal with one or more of the following problems at some point:

    If your Viking appliance is displaying any of these issues, you need to take the appropriate action right away. That’s because these issues can escalate rapidly when not addressed ASAP. Besides, the moment your appliance ceases functioning properly, it’s no longer a convenience. You are forced to look for other ways to accomplish the job of that specific appliance. Sometimes, a problem with your kitchen appliance can be a threat to your safety and that of our loved ones. An oven or cooktop with electrical wiring problems, for instance, is a fire hazard. Getting the problem addressed quickly is thus the right thing to do.

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