We Repair All Viking Appliances!

Our world class technicians have no problem handling problems in the complete range of Viking appliances. Some of the appliances we provide repair and maintenance for on a daily basis include:

Viking Barbecue (BBQ)

The barbecuing season is a favorite time of the year for most America families. That’s why Viking Barbecue is among the top selling appliances in the country. This appliance is designed to cook meat with hot coals, gas, electricity, or wood. Since the appliance can be used for a number different cooking techniques, it’s also exposed to several different potential failures. The four common cooking methods that the barbeque appliance is used for are:

  • Cooking with a lower temperature. This technique was commonly used initially and took a long period of time.
  • Baking. This method usually uses a masonry oven or an appliance of a similar kind. Baking cooks meat through convection and starches. There’s moderate temperature, which results in average cooking time.
  • Braising. This technique combined charbroiling with direct heat on meat.
  • Grilling. This last cooking technique uses direct dry heat on meat surfaces. It’s the quickest barbecuing technique and it uses electricity, gas, wood or charcoal.

The different cooking techniques usually leave residue on the barbecuing appliance, which is why the machine needs to be regularly cleaned.

Because the Viking Barbecue machine is an intricate equipment with many complex parts, it can get various defects that are not typically understood by the average homeowner. However, you can rest assured that Santa Barbara Viking Repair have your back when your Viking Barbecue appliance is acting up. Every year, our technicians help restore countless barbecue machines throughout the region, No matter how severe on your appliance seems to you, you can be sure that we’ll fix it and get the appliance as good as new.

Viking Dishwashers

Your Viking dishwasher is a wonderful machine. Every day, the machine helps you clean your dishes in a quick, efficient manner. Basically, all different dishwasher models function in a similar manner. This means that all dishwasher appliances are exposed to largely similar problems in the course of their lifetimes. If your dishwasher no longer cleans your dishes properly, has a leakage, makes a lot of noise or has some other defect, you do not need to feel helpless.

Our factory certified technicians understand all the various components of Viking dishwashers and how they work. They understand the relationship between your machines pump system and the motor, plus all the valves, switches, solenoids, and appliance controls. Whenever there’s a problem in the workings of these different parts, our technicians can always troubleshoot the appliance and get your appliance functioning perfectly once again.

Viking Hood

The Viking hood is less complicated than most other products by the manufacturer. However, any defects on the appliance need to be addressed by a seasoned technician. That’s because the appliance’s location over the kitchen range and its electrical system can make it difficult to repair by inexperienced technicians. At the first sign of trouble, you can count on us at Santa Barbara Appliance Repair to come to your aid.

Viking Microwave

The microwave is one of the most sought after home appliances in America. The appliance is designed to use radio waves instead of convectional radiant heat, which results in fast heating of the food. With a microwave oven, nothing is added to the food under preparation. Viking microwaves typically come in two variants:

  1. Countertop microwaves
  2. Built-in microwaves

Due to the design and functionality of the microwave, the appliance is generally considered the most dangerous of kitchen appliances to disassemble. One mistake can lead to electric shock, even when the appliance is not plugged into a socket. If your Viking microwave ever has a defects, it’s best to contact a reputable appliance repair service to get the machine repaired.

Viking Ovens

Your Viking oven is often the most valuable and expensive appliances you have in your kitchen. It is also the most complicated to repair. When the appliance no longer heats up, heats up excessively, operates noisily or has some other issue, you should only entrust its repair to specialist technicians. Opting for DIY oven repair often leads to the complete damage of the heating element and can even expose you to potential danger. At Santa Barbara Viking repair, we have a team of extensively seasoned technicians ready to come to your help.

Viking Range

A range is the cooktop of your kitchen oven and usually shares your ovens electric or gas supply. The range needs to be ignited to work. Most ranges have ignition systems that use glow-bar or gas ignition systems. Some use pilot flame systems, but these cooktops are rather complex to repair as their spare parts are not easily available.

Like your oven, your kitchen range is quite complicated. The appliance’s diaphragm, capillary system, safety valves and other components can only be safely handled by a technician who knows exactly what they are doing.

Viking Refrigerators

Your Viking refrigerator helps keep your foodstuffs in good condition for a lot longer than they’d normally last. That makes the appliance one of the most essential at home or in your food business. Viking appliances come in several designs, including:

  • Built-in refrigerators
  • Side-by-side fridges
  • Under-the-counter fridges
  • Top and bottom refrigerators
  • Bottom mount fridges
  • French-door refrigerators

Regardless of the type of fridge you use, you need to watch out for defects that are bound to attack it from time to time. Once you’ve discovered that your fridge has a problem, it’s best to leave its repair to the experts. At Santa Barbara Viking Repair, we have the necessary technical knowledge and resources to handle all possible fridge repair scenarios.

Viking Stove

Viking stoves usually come in two variations: electric and gas. For both variations, the repair of the assembly is basically the same. Repair for your Viking stove usually becomes complicated when the heating elements or gas supply has a defect. Basically, it’s best to contact an experienced stove repair technician to handle the problem, especially when the issue has to do with a leak in the gas line.

Viking Warming Drawers

Warming drawers are designed to keep your food warm once it’s been cooked. This ensures that the food is still warm when it’s finally served. But while the function of your Viking warming drawer may seem simple, the repair of the machine is anything but. The moment your appliance starts malfunctioning, you need to alert us so we can send our specialists over to troubleshoot the machine and give it a lasting solution.


As the owner of Viking appliances, you can always count on us to handle all repairs with the necessary skill and repair parts. It’s what makes Santa Barbara Viking Repair the leading provider of reliable appliance repair and maintenance services in the region.

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